Eric Hightower, St. Paul cop-kick victim, jumps out second-floor window to get away from police

Weeks after getting beaten by an officer (left), Hightower jumped out a window to get away from police.
Weeks after getting beaten by an officer (left), Hightower jumped out a window to get away from police.

Eric Hightower and the St. Paul Police continue to have a fraught relationship.

-- Eric Hightower, St. Paul police brutality victim, allegedly threatened to blow ex's head off
-- St. Paul police brutality: Officer Jesse Zilge maces, kicks, punches helpless suspect [VIDEO]

One month ago, Officer Jesse Zilge was filmed laying the boots to a helpless Hightower, who was being arrested for threatening to kill his ex-girlfriend. The ex took out a protective order against Hightower, but he apparently disregarded it and was arguing with her when police responded to reports of a fight at the Highway Motel a bit before 2:00 a.m. yesterday.

The Star Tribune provides some details:

Police were called to the motel, in the 2100 block of W. 7th Street, on [reports of] a fight in one of the rooms. When officers arrived, they heard a woman's voice yell "Stop!"

They knocked on the door and a saw a man jump out of the window, the report said.

Hightower injured his leg and was transported to Regions Hospital. Police said he jumped because of an active domestic abuse no-contact order between him and the woman, identified as his ex-girlfriend.

Apparently, Hightower's relationship with his ex had been going better earlier this month. The Pioneer Press reports that on September 4, Hightower's 20-year-old ex filed a motion to dismiss the order for protection, writing, "Because I feel safe and because I feel my child is safe and I would like to be around the Respondent by choice." In fact, the protective order was reportedly dismissed yesterday, just hours after Hightower hurt himself by jumping out the window.

Hightower, 30, was arrested for the third time in four months, but as of yesterday afternoon no charges had yet been filed in connection with the window-jumping incident. Meanwhile, Officer Zilge is back at work, though he remains under investigation by the St. Paul PD and the FBI.

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