Eric Harpel, McLeod County GOP chair, reports his email hacked [UPDATE]

Eric Harpel, McLeod County GOP chair, reports his email hacked [UPDATE]

See also: Rep. Mary Franson got restraining order against McLeod County GOP chair Eric Harpel
See also: Eric Harpel will request hearing to contest Rep. Mary Franson's restraining order
See also: Eric Harpel, GOP chairman, accused of threatening another woman

Update: Harpel got in touch with us about his alleged hacking, after the jump.
McLeod County Republican Party chair Eric Harpel reported his email hacked to police yesterday afternoon.

Glencoe Police Chief Jim Raiter tells City Pages that Harpel reported his email account hacked and says Harpel was told to contact his account providers. He declined to comment further because the matter is "under investigation."

Harpel has been in the news lately for allegedly stalking his ex-girlfriend, state representative Mary Franson, a charge Harpel denies. Another female Republican, Marie Thurn, also accused Harpel of threatening her after she resigned her GOP leadership position in protest of the alleged stalking.

Harpel will contest Franson's restraining order in court at a hearing set for late August.

Rep. Franson declined to discuss Harpel's report to police when reached for comment. Harpel could not be reached.

We'll keep you updated on the situation as it unfolds.

UPDATE: The Eric Harpel-Mary Franson saga just became even more bizarre:

Eric Harpel got in touch with us, via email, about the reported hacking. He claims that all his correspondence with ex-girlfriend Mary Franson and former McLeod County Republican Party official Marie Thurn were deleted by the "hacker." Harpel also claims the hacker deleted his emails with his attorney, but everything was backed up. See the message below:

[E]arly Monday morning between the hours of 1:30am and 2:00am my work email, personal email, and Facebook accounts were hacked into. When I regained access I had discovered that all the email and chat messages between Mary and me had been deleted. The email communications between my attorney and me had also been deleted. Then also the few emails between Marie Thurn and I were also had been deleted as well! However, all my banking, credit card, and password communications were left untouched and undisturbed.

Fortunately, I had already printed everything off and backed it all up on a external hard drive. So Fortunately nothing was lost.

This act is not different then someone breaking into your house. The mental damage is the same. Its a breach of security and its a crime. My children and myself feel terrorized. I'm having a security system installed at my home to provide my children and myself some security and peace of mind. Currently and for some time I won't and haven't let my kids play outside by themselves with out me.

If someone's willing to got to that extreme length to destroy only pointed communications one can only imagine what else they could be capable of doing.

Now my passwords are highly secure and my accounts all have extra security protection on them now. 

Harpel declined to say who he believes hacked his email. "Who?? I can't say for sure, but who or who(s) would benefit from that information being destroyed?" Harpel wrote. "Your smart enough and the readers should be smart enough to finally start putting the pieces of the puzzle together."

Harpel also said he's "hired a private investigator that specializes in Internet hacking to take the lead in the investigation."

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