Epic shooting: Chief Harteau fears "street justice," says witnesses have been uncooperative

The scene at the intersection of First Avenue and Fifth Street just after 1 a.m. Sunday.
The scene at the intersection of First Avenue and Fifth Street just after 1 a.m. Sunday.

The suspect responsible for the Sunday morning shooting at Epic nightclub that left one dead is still on the loose, and last night, Minneapolis Police Chief Janeé Harteau said she's worried about what might happen next.

THE BACKSTORY: Police release preliminary report on Epic shooting death

"I have tremendous concerns about retaliation," Harteau said. "There are people in the city that want street justice."

"I am very concerned... about an innocent bystander or an officer getting shot," she continued.

Harteau said the investigation has been hampered by uncooperative witnesses.

Police haven't yet disclosed the victim's identity, but as the Star Tribune reports, the North Side resident who was shot inside the club and then carried to the sidewalk where he'd be pronounced dead "was well known to police."

As for possible suspects, Harteau said police have "very little information about a motive" or anything else.

Harteau also criticized Epic for booking Yo Gotti, a rapper whose shows have been the site of violent incidents in the past, and said extra patrols assigned to downtown on Saturday night and Sunday morning in anticipation of the show weren't enough to prevent violence.

As Gimme Noise reported, the shooting occurred during a set by the Memphis rapper's opener, YG.

For more on the Epic/Yo Gotti component to this story, check out our post in Gimme Noise: "MPLS Police: Events like Yo Gotti attract violent behavior."

h/t -- Pioneer Press

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