Ensign: Franken shouldn't fight the vote count, concede quickly

Sen. John Ensign, chairman of the National Republican Senatorial Committee said the loser of the Minnesota U.S. Senate recount shouldn't fight it and concede quickly, according to an American Spectator report (via

He says Franken will lose, and when he does, he should concede quickly or risk seriously hurting the Democratic party.

More from American Spectator:
"I think that the Democratic majority will not want to see this come to the Senate," Ensign said this afternoon. He added that, "there will be a heavy political price to pay" if they try to overturn the choice of Minnesota voters. 
"It's pretty clear that Norm Coleman is going to win this race in the recount, just like he did on election day," Ensign said.
If Norm Coleman was in Franken's spot, we know he would fight this to the death. He already pulled out the lawsuit moves during the campaign, why wouldn't he try it during the recount. We don't want this to drag on either, but both parties shouldn't try to take the higher ground on what they would do in the other's situation. It's the exact same thing.