Enraged man allegedly shoots teen in neck for shooting off amateur fireworks


Some people apparently can't get into the Fourth of July spirit. One St. Paul man was so enraged by the amateur fireworks in his neighborhood he took the problem into his own hands and allegedly shot one of the teens in the neck.

While a group of people were setting off fireworks in the street near E. Belvidere Street and Oakdale Avenue, one 14-year-old boy suddenly grabbed his neck and blood started flowing. People first thought he had been hit by a stray firecracker, but medics quickly realized he had suffered a gunshot wound.

Police tracked down and jailed a 49-year-old neighbor on suspicion of aggravated assault in the shooting. Officials believe he was so mad about the fireworks in his neighborhood that he shot the boy to make it all stop.

The teen is in critical but stable condition and is expected to survive.

Check out a video report and interview with the teen's cousin at WCCO.