Enough MPLS memorializes the dead from a city's gun violence

Larry Jones was shot in North Minneapolis in 2013. His killer has never been found.

Larry Jones was shot in North Minneapolis in 2013. His killer has never been found.

On a November night in 2013, Larry Jones and a relative vistited a home at 22nd and Hillside in North Minneapolis. They found no one around and returned to their car.

Within moments, gunfire came calling. Larry was shot, soon to be paralyzed from the neck down.

He would die from his wounds the following the spring. His murder has never been solved. 

Artist Nikki McComb wants us to remember people like Larry. She's the motivational force behind Enough MPLS, a Facebook page that memorializes those who've perished from the city's gun violence. The new site features photos and stories about those who've passed, and the loved ones they've left behind.

People like Kristopher Miller, the dean of students at North High School. After dinner at an Elk's Club in 2011, Kristopher escorted a woman back to her car, gave her a hug, and drove home.

What he didn't know was that Rev. Derrick Trevor Griffin was stalking the woman, his estranged wife, that evening. Griffin followed Kristopher home and gunned him down on his porch. Kristopher, a father of two, died at the scene. Griffin was sentenced to life without parole.

Then there's 31-year-old Joshua Bruce Hofmann, murdered this month in Mounds View in a $40 weed deal gone bad. Birdell Beeks, killed when unknown gunmen opened up on a minivan she and her granddaughter were sitting in on the North Side. And 2-year-old Le’vonte King Jason Jones, who was shot while riding in a minivan.

Though the page is relatively new, McComb hopes to chronicle the toll gun violence takes on the city by remembering its victims. You can aid the cause by donating at her GoFundMe page.