Enjoy reading David Brauer? Pay for it.


As Matt Snyders recently reported, MinnPost has a lot more readers than expected--and a lot less cash.

In an attempt to change that, Joel Kramer has launched a pledge-week style commercial break on BrauBlog--the titular writing platform of local wonk David Brauer--to ask for donations.

According to Kramer, it's also an experiment that could save journalism:

One of the ideas floating around for financing journalism is "community-funding" -- getting lots of people to donate small amounts to support a writer, a beat, or a specific story project they are interested in.

So we've decided to try this concept out with BrauBlog, since it's our most popular feature on MinnPost, other than the home page itself. This is an experiment. If it works, we'll brag about it all over the country, and pay some of our bills, too.

Here's how:

Want to be a LowBrau? It will cost you only $10. Just click on the LowBrau button, and pay online.

Willing to step up and be a HighBrau? Click on that button, and pay $25.

I'm actually planning to donate $14.99 so I can be a LowenBrau.