England is not excited about Vikings football


The struggling, 0-3 Vikings are playing the struggling, 0-3 Steelers this weekend in England, in an attempt to show the mother country that American football is actually worth watching.

But it appears the British are not coming around to our way of thinking.


Vikings fans on Reddit decided to invade an England thread to teach them about Viking pride:

Unfortunately, some of the intricacies of the game seem to have gotten lost in translation:

Like us, they are upset that Chris Kluwe isn't playing for the Vikings anymore. Unlike us, they would prefer an entire team of Chris Kluwes.

They do think this Adrian Peterson fella makes a "jolly good effort." But the rest of the "purple club" are a bunch of ... well, maybe that word isn't so bad in England.

Of course, England isn't taking the invasion laying down. They've organized their own raiding party, so modern Paul Reveres will have to add "three if by Internet" to the alert code:

And if this infographic is any indication, the British are quite happy with their own tackle sport:

Has anybody ever looked into concussions caused by Rugby?