Endorsement scorecard: Ranking Minneapolis's wannabe mayors by support

Endorsement scorecard: Ranking Minneapolis's wannabe mayors by support
Headshots courtesy of the candidates

The race is on for outgoing Mayor R.T. Rybak's office. Facing a crowded field of candidates, the six leading mayoral contenders are relying on a key measure to help them stand out from the pack: Who they can get to endorse them.

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The prize of this race-within-the-race will come at the Minneapolis DFL's convention tomorrow, June 15, where five of the six main candidates are gunning for the party's endorsement.

Well, the prize might come. The convention could well end in a draw, with no endorsement. That's because, in order to walk away with party support, a candidate has to win 60 percent of delegates' votes. That's a high bar to clear -- especially when you factor in the inverse, which is that any candidate with more than 40 percent of delegates can block an endorsement.

Heading into Saturday, each of the candidates has rounded up high-profile groups of supporters to stand in their corners. Here's the current rundown of who's endorsing who for mayor of Minneapolis, ranked by which candidate has the most support from public figures and groups. For tallying purposes, we left off business owners and most supporters who are no longer in the public eye.

We'll update this post as the election season continues.

Update June 17: The DFL convention ended with no endorsement, after delegates narrowed the field to Andrew and Hodges.

Mark Andrew

Groups: 5 6 9 11: The Minneapolis Building Trades Council endorsed Andrew early on, as did the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers -- Local 292, and the Teamsters Joint Council 32. Andrew has also gotten endorsements from two of the DFL's constituent caucuses, the GLBT-focused Stonewall DFL and the Minnesota Young DFL.

Update June 20: After switching its support from Schiff to Andrew at the Minneapolis DFL Convention, on June 20, the Minneapolis Firefighters Union Local 82 formally endorses Andrew.

Update July 1: Unite Here! Local 17, the University of Minnesota Twin Cities College Democrats, and the United Transportation Union all back Andrew.

Update July 31: The Operating Engineers Local 49 endorses Andrew, citing his commitment to job creation.

Update August 14: The Minneapolis Regional Labor Federation, the AFL-CIO umbrella organization that includes 125 affiliated unions and 70,000 members, calls Andrew a "longtime friend of Labor" as it gave him its endorsement.

People: 14 16 17 23 24: Ambassador to Morocco Sam Kaplan and his wife, Sylvia, endorse Andrew, as does Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman, and former Speaker of the Minnesota House Margaret Anderson Kelliher. Add to that list two state representatives -- Jim Davnie and Phyllis Kahn -- along with Hennepin County Board Member (and former mayoral candidate himself) Peter McLaughlin. Andrew has additional support from four members of the school board and three members of the parks board.

Update June 14: Gov. Mark Dayton's Chief of Staff Tina Smith and Hennepin Theatre Trust President Tom Hoch have joined Andrew's supporters. Both Smith and Hoch were previously mulling over (or rumored to be mulling over) entering the race themselves.

Update June 18: Following a Minneapolis DFL Convention that ended in no endorsement, but in which Andrew led on every ballot, Fourth District Congresswoman Betty McCollum throws her support behind Andrew. In a statement announcing the endorsement, McCollum called him a "principled progressive" and "among the most innovative and entrepreneurial leaders I have ever met."

Update July 1: Minnesota officials Sen. Jeff Hayden and Rep. Diane Loeffler endorse Andrew.

Update July 8: State Sen. Kari Dziedzic, as well as School Board Vice Chair Jenny Arneson, add their support.

Update July 10: Community activist Mohamud Noor, a former co-chair for Gary Schiff's campaign, adds his endorsement to Andrew's tally.

Update July 15: Vice President Walter Mondale joins the Andrew campaign as an honorary co-chair.

Update August 12: Mayoral candidate Jim Thomas, a public school teacher, dropsout of the race to endorse Andrew instead.

Betsy Hodges

Endorsement scorecard: Ranking Minneapolis's wannabe mayors by support

Groups: 5 8: Hodges snagged the SEIU Minnesota State Council endorsement, which includes local unions 26, 284, and 63, as well as SEIU Healthcare Minnesota. She also has backing from the Sierra Club North Star Chapter, the organization womenwinning, and two of the DFL's constituent caucuses: the African-American Caucus (split with Jackie Cherryhomes) and the Latino Caucus.

Update July 19: MAIDA, the Minnesota Asian Indian Democratic Association, cites Hodges's track record of fiscal responsibility as a reason behind its endorsement.

Update July 30: TakeAction Minnesota votes to endorse Hodges, in part, according to a statement from the organization's executive director, because of her commitment to closing the city's racial gaps.

Update August 20: EMILY's List, a national political action committee that supports pro-choice, Democratic women in politics, gives Hodges its backing as part of its "Year of the Woman Mayor."

People: 9 10 12: Notable supporters include four from the Minnesota Legislature: Sen. Scott Dibble, plus representatives Frank Hornstein, Susan Allen, and Jean Wagensius. Hodges also has support from St. Paul Mayor Chris Coleman and fellow City Council Member John Quincy (Ward 11), as well as from civil rights leader Dr. Josie Johnson, Hennepin County Commissioner Gail Dorfman, and Park Board Commissioner Brad Bourn.

Update June 19: After officially bowing out of the mayoral race, Gary Schiff gave Hodges his support.

Update July 17: Hodges's list of endorsements now includes Minnesota Rep. John Lesch, and Ramsey County Attorney John Choi. Not included in our tally are several local business owners, like Kim Bartmann of Bryant-Lake Bowl and other restaurants, who formerly endorsed Schiff.

Gary Schiff Update: On June 19, Schiff ended his campaign.

Endorsement scorecard: Ranking Minneapolis's wannabe mayors by support

Groups: 5: The Minneapolis Firefighters Local 82 Union was the first to endorse Schiff. They've since been joined by the International Association of Fire Fighters Local S-6, the Gay and Lesbian Victory Fund, and the Minnesota Daily Editorial Board. Schiff also has the nod from one DFL constituent caucus, the Minnesota Asian Indian Democratic Association (MAIDA).

People: 4: Schiff's celebrity endorsement comes courtesy of former Vikings punter and outspoken supporter of marriage equality Chris Kluwe. He also has support from Little Earth head Bill Ziegler, state Rep. Karen Clark, and Anne Schultz, who runs the Linden Hills Business Association. Not included in our count are the 150 small business owners throughout the city who endorse Schiff, including Tracy Singleton of the Birchwood Cafe and Kim Bartmann of Bryant-Lake Bowl, as well as the president and vice president of the Minneapolis Taxi Cab Drivers and Owners Association.

Jackie Cherryhomes

Endorsement scorecard: Ranking Minneapolis's wannabe mayors by support

Groups: 1: Cherryhomes split the endorsement of the DFL's African-American Caucus with Betsy Hodges

People: 4: Cherryhomes has support from Hennepin County Commissioner Linda Higgins, Minneapolis Park Board Commissioner Jon Olson, state Sen. Bobby Joe Champion, and former Mayor Sharon Sayles Belton.

Cam Winton

Groups: 0:

Winton is the only candidate not seeking DFL endorsement, and instead running as an independent. He argues that the endorsements game of seeking support from currently elected officials "perpetuates the very insider-heavy system to which I'm trying to bring fresh eyes."

People: 2 3: Winton's supporters so far include campaign treasurer Ashwin Madia and Bob Ulrich, former CEO of Target.

Update July 17: Ben Whitney, former U.S. Ambassador to Norway, also endorses Winton, as do several area lawyers, like Julia Dayton Klein, who are not included in our tally.

Don Samuels

Endorsement scorecard: Ranking Minneapolis's wannabe mayors by support

Groups: 0.

People: 2: Samuels's campaign is chaired by recently retired Minneapolis Police Chief Tim Dolan, and he also has support from Velma Korbel, the director of Minneapolis Civil Rights Department. Not included in our count are several local business owners and activists who also endorse Samuels, including Zang Vang, the executive director of the Hmong American Mutual Assistance Association, and Josh Thoma, the owner of Smack Shack.

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