Ely's pro-cop Christian charity donation: Readers respond

Would mining put the Boundary Waters Canoe Area at risk? WHO CARES! What about the Muslims and immigrants? Huh? WHAT ABOUT THEM!

Would mining put the Boundary Waters Canoe Area at risk? WHO CARES! What about the Muslims and immigrants? Huh? WHAT ABOUT THEM! Aaron Lavinsky, Star Tribune

 Below, read a collection of City Pages reader responses to 'Ely, MN police sell-out to Twin Metals, weird pro-cop Christian charity':

David Franks:

Whining Mike,
I grew up in Ely Minnesota. Our High-school had roughly 160 students per class. My father was a miner. I worked for the USFS Ely Engineering Unit as a survey technician. Survey and road engineering was done for lumber sales and “harvesting”. It also served as fire safety. Now the feds burn the forest, what a joke. The forest is a blown down disaster and fire hazard. Students and folks of all kinds were paid to replant trees every summer. You should see the forests that were planted from back in the late 70’s and early 80’s.
I was a young person when Ken Smith was the Chief of police and my neighbor Mr. Pete Jajick was on the force. They protected all the citizenry just like they do today. I went to school with the current chief. You're a babbling ignorant fool.
Poverty is a direct result of the “Environmental Crusade” your kind has inflicted upon the citizens of Northern Minnesota.
Mining and lumber provided very comfortable lifestyles for all the citizens that were engaged in it or its logistical support.
Your BWCA is nothing special. It is there many Ely miners, loggers, and outfitters raised families, hunted, trapped, snowmobiled and boated well before some jackass got an idea to save it for fruit cakes that could give a rat's ass about anybody but themselves.
I wished the president would ship all the illegal aliens up to the four mile portage with, tents, axes, fishing poles, and bug dope. Since you freaks don’t support border control and protection I figured that would be a great way to get your attention. .
If I were king for a day, the railroad tracks would go right back in, mining and logging would go hand in hand with outfitting fishing trips just like before.
That would help with the poverty.

Mike Ogren:


There just isn't enough space in both papers for you and Scott to put into words how unhappy you are that America is prosperous again after eight years of the dumbass Kenyan. Thank God for Trump and truth should be dead before his presidency is over.

Linda Maki:

Why is this any business of City Pages Minneapolis? Or anyone who lives in Minneapolis? Why not pay attention to your own problems, like 60,000 Muslims?

Mikey Lund:

We have 6 police officers. They’ve all had their minds made up on mining before TMM ever started donating. This “evil” company has also donated to and sponsors to the community. From the local food shelf to our deteriorating hockey arena. It’s what mining companies have done in this area for years-donating to the communities in which their workforce resides. Who’s the last fat pocket to donate to our infrastructure or community to help the people that live here 365? I support anyone’s right to be for or against mining in Ely but don’t tarnish the names of our boys in blue. To imply they’d only help those who were In line with their personal beliefs could be viewed as Ely having a biased/corrupt police force. That’s sad and plain wrong in my opinion!! I’m glad they’ll be protected in case a terrible scenario occurs! When you all come up for vacation I’ll be sure to have a sign up asking for donations for all us poor Elyites.

Barbara Walther Whited:

Right, we hear all the time about the riot problems in Ely, MN. Those canoeists can be so out of control.