Elvis impersonator Anderson stays on ballot with Ole Savior

Lots of people like TV news anchors. So DFLer Matt Entenza picked Robyne Robinson as his running mate for governor.

The way Ole Savior figures it, lots of people like Elvis, so he picked an Elvis impersonator to be his running mate in the governor's race. (We're not sure whether he applied the same logic to registering for the race as a Republican.)

But having Todd 'Elvis' Anderson on the ballot made the Secretary of State's office wonder if the name gave perennial candidate Savior an unfair advantage: state law forbids political office seekers to use improper names, and requires them to sign a statement saying their ballot name is the one they're commonly known by. (See: Janos, James.)

Not wanting to spoil the show, SOS gave two thumbs up to Ole and Elvis today.

You have to love Anderson's total transparency:

Why am I doing this? Here are my reasons:

1. To bring some excitement and energy to Minnesota politics! 2. I like Ole Savior's innovative ideas and I want other Minnesotans to hear what he has to say. 3. Let's be honest, even if I'm not elected the publicity may help my career as an entertainer. Plus, I will have more fun running for Lt. Governor than any of my opponents.

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