Ellison booed by supporters of Palestine at Minnesota rally

Keith Ellison booed off stage 

U.S. Rep. Keith Ellison, DFL-Minneapolis, was booed by a crowd of protesters who are sympathetic to the Palestinian cause in the Middle East. The rally was at the state Capitol last week. 

The crowd started to boo him after he proclaimed that he would not condemn either side and is supportive of a cease fire and peace from both sides. This speech came after Ellison was interviewed on Al Jazeera discussing the conflict. Ellison voted "present" on a House resolution supporting Israel

Watch the video of Ellison at the rally below.


It's unfortunate these protesters don't understand that Ellison is at least standing up for Palestine in some way, while not completely. His stance on the issue is a rare one in the House of Representatives, which strongly passed their resolution of support for Israel.