Ellison: Bachmann's flying imams claim is 'psycho talk'


Last week, Rep. Michele Bachmann claimed that the six "flying imams" who were briefly detained at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International airport in 2006 were here for a "victory celebration" for Rep. Keith Ellison. Ellison was the first Muslim to be elected to Congress and represents Minneapolis.

Her claim was quickly debunked. The men were attending a North American Imams Federation conference where Ellison gave a speech about American politics and Islam. And now Rep. Keith Ellison is talking back.

On MSNBC, Ellison said her comments "could even be called psycho talk".

Watch the video below.

And as we have to waste our time correcting Bachmann's false fear-mongering comments, Ken Avidor over at DumpBachmann pointed us back to a City Pages video recorded the night Ellison won his seat in Congress. We'll let it speak for itself.