Elk River football coaches slapped in hazing probe

The hazing mess on the Elk River High School football team has now pulled six coaches into the muck. The school board voted last night to hit them with an undisclosed penalty.

Four players have already been kicked off the squad, and five others suspended. The entire program was sidelined for a time during an investigation before the regular season started.

All of this effort to stymie abuse of new team members by older members sounds like it was lost on a crowd of parents who jammed the board meeting last night.

They applauded the board. But not because the coaches were going to be held accountable.

The applause was for the board's decision to allow the coaches to work during the Elks' Friday game against Rodgers.

Details of the discipline handed down to John Pink, Richard Michalak, Brad Olson, Mark Leland, Mike Breyen and head coach Mike Cross will be made public later.

The Elks haven't had a winning season since 2003, and lost their home opener last week to Becker, 41-8.

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