Election Day shockers: long lines, long lines, everyone's excited


Good news isn't always good news for the media. The endless reporting of the obvious (long lines, more long lines, excited voters, no major voting problems) creates a literal snooze of a news day. It's the one day of the year we don't mind things to go as usual. Just wait until polls close. Then things get exciting.

Preparing for this evening? New York magazine has a pretty good break down of the evening and what to watch for. Be aware that the times listed are Eastern time so don't get yourself mixed up and miss results tonight.

Looking for a place to watch these results come in? The Pioneer Press has a good list of the major parties around town. So does VitaMN.

Want to watch history happen? The Uptake has live video feeds from polling places:

Most of us want to put this ridiculous election behind us. But for those who truly enjoy their ability to reminisce, Gawker is here to help you out. Check out their guide with video clips of the national election season.