Elderly couple steals plants, hides from police

Wednesday's five most fascinating stories printed on wood pulp:

Elderly couple steals plants, hides from police

An elderly man and woman have become compulsive plant thieves on the University of Minnesota St. Paul campus. Workers at the Horticulture Greenhouse say they've been stealing plants for years. When police were called to the scene, the woman hid in the bathroom and the man hid in the utility closet and managed to escape police once again.

Home care worker accused of skipped feedings of disabled brothers, had sex in their home

After the parents of two severely disabled teens noticed a dramatic weight loss in both of the boys, they monitored their home care worker and discovered she was skipping feedings and even had sex in their home while on the job. There is a state health investigation underway.

Teen steals autistic friend's identity, racks up $35,000 in debt

James Michael Staricha, 19, is charged with 24 felony counts after he allegedly stole his autistic childhood friend's identity to get credit cards, loans, bank accounts, and cell phones. He racked up a total of $35,000 in debt.

Sex offender on the loose!

A level three sex offender is on the loose after he disappeared from a halfway house Monday following his release from prison. Willie "Andrew" Johnson, 67, was convicted in 1990 for kidnapping and several counts of assault.

Life is better once you've met Jazz Man

We wanted to point you to a wonderful letter to the editor at the Minnesota Daily about the famous U of M bus driver, Jazz Man. He brightened our days on campus when we lucked out and caught a ride with him and it's great to see he is still making an impression on students today. You'll never meet a better bus driver in your life.