ELCA and gay clergy

The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America continue their arguments over the ordination of gay clergy. A church-wide vote on the issue will most likely occur in August.

Though, the Church Council wants the issue quashed. They already put forth a weak revamp on their recommendation to allow gay clergy in the ELCA. The proposal annoyed both sides.

The Star Tribune updated the ongoing story today, noting:

Under the ELCA's current policies, gays can be ministers only if they promise to be celibate. The proposal to be put before the assembly would remove that restriction.

For gays and lesbians looking to become ministers, the celibacy issue is a matter of equality. The mandate does not cover their straight peers. Many struggle with the current policy. City Pages highlighted four such people in a story we ran last summer.

During the reporting of that story, one contact from Lutheran's Concerned said he felt the issue won't be resolved at the August meeting. Instead, he believes the church will grant synods local control over the issue.

For many, it's a step toward equality.

For many more, it's too tiny a step.