El Nuevo Rodeo wins first step in liquor license dispute

The popular Latino nightspot cleared the first hurdle in staying in business this week, when a judge sided with them over the City of Minneapolis.

Two weeks ago, we wrote about how the City had moved to pull the nightclub's liquor license. This week, Administrative Law Judge Raymond Krause recommended that the City not do so.

The City had claimed that an inordinate amount of crime was plaguing the neighborhood because of El Nuevo Rodeo. Owner Maya Santamaria said her nightclub was complying with all the rules, and neighbors--including a petition signed by 1,194 people--backed her up. The judge's recommendation, which you can read here, is essentially an exoneration of the business:

The record in this matter shows that ENR is well-managed and responsive to issues raised by the City License Division. The substantial security in place at ENR has significantly reduced the burden of the cost of police protection on the City. While City resources have been expended in this proceeding, that has been primarily driven by the mistaken conclusion that ENR's licensed operation, as originally approved by the City License Division, was improperly authorized or has somehow changed. That expenditure of City resources on this issue cannot be considered in any way chargeable to ENR.

The record is essentially unrebutted that ENR has taken effective steps to address problems related to criminal activity in the vicinity of the business premises and the parking area rented by ENR. The record is also clear that ENR's positive benefit to the community far outweighs the relatively few problems that have been associated with patrons leaving ENR.

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