Eight conspirators planned to kill family, burn down house over $200 in pot and some cash

These bumbling northern Minnesota would-be killers didn't exactly give the Crips a run for their money.
These bumbling northern Minnesota would-be killers didn't exactly give the Crips a run for their money.
WDAY screengrab

Eight people from the Fergus Falls area face conspiracy to commit murder charges after they launched an ill-fated plan to kill a small-time drug dealer with whom they had a beef.

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But here's the twist -- the man they planned to kill, 28-year-old Fikret Saric -- could end up spending more time in prison for shooting a gun at his would-be killers once he caught wind of the scheme.

The beef between Saric and the conspirators -- who according to prosecutors planned to kill everybody inside Saric's house, including his wife and kids -- was all about a backpack filled with a measly $200 in marijuana and $200 cash. WDAY TV reports that the backpack contained two ounces of pot, so it must've been some low-grade stuff.

The Fargo Forum details how the plot went awry:

Fikret Saric
Fikret Saric

The backpack apparently belonged to one of the juvenile defendants. Some time prior to the alleged attempted murders, another juvenile allegedly stole the backpack and gave it to Saric and his associates, saying Saric had threatened to harm him for reasons not detailed in the criminal complaints.

Authorities believe the backpack's original owner then hatched a plot to retrieve it and enact violent revenge on Saric.

The plan, according to the complaints, was to go to Saric's home in two cars under the guise of buying marijuana from him. The conspirators then planned to storm the house, armed variously with bear mace, a knife, a lead pipe, a crowbar, a baseball bat, a machete and a gun, authorities alleged in court records.

They intended to kill everyone inside, pour gasoline throughout the house and then burn it to destroy the evidence, according to the complaints.

A witness who is not named in the complaint told police the conspirators "were all excited and that they were going to kill the others, take their (expletive), and there would be no witnesses."

But when two of the conspirators entered Saric's Pelican Rapids home around 11 p.m. on October 4, Saric noticed one of them was carrying a knife. He then chased them out of his house and fired a gun at a conspirator's car before hopping in a vehicle with acquaintances and giving chase.

One of the conspirators ended up calling 911 to report that Saric was trying to kill them. When police arrived, the conspirators told officers they were simply trying to buy drugs from Saric before he went bonkers, but that story quickly fell apart, as a conspirator's daughter informed police she overheard her mom and her bumbling colleagues putting together the murder scheme in the days leading up to October 4.

Three of the conspirators are juveniles and hence haven't been publicly identified. The other five are Kevin Forer, 18; Brandtly Hutson, 18; Kimberly Ryan, 36; and Branagen Theisen, 21, and Zack Stewart, 18.

Saric faces up to 40 years in prison for attempted murder; the conspirators face up to 30 years combined for conspiracy to commit murder and conspiracy to commit assault.

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