Edwin Daniel beaten for standing up to bullies

Edwin Daniel just wanted to stand up to a couple bullies. His reward was a skull fracture.

The incident is still under investigation, but as of this morning this is how police believe it went down:

Daniel is an overnight shuttle driver for the Crowne Plaza Hotel in St. Paul. Last week he made a late-night stop at Super America to find a group of guys harassing the female clerks working the graveyard shift. Daniel didn't like what he saw and escorted the men out of the gas station.

That message didn't sit well its recipients. Later in the week, Daniel came back to Super America to find the same two guys waiting for him.

"There was not a lot of exchange of words or discussion," says St. Paul Police Sgt. Paul Schnell.

Instead, the suspects let blunt instruments -- believed to be baseball bats or metal pipes -- do the talking.

Daniel came out of the beating alive, but with some fresh stitches, a black eye, smashed vocal chords and a bad fucking headache. Long-term damage is still being assessed.

"He was pretty seriously injured," says Schnell.

While in the hospital, someone broke into Daniel's car and apartment, according to Fox 9.

Daniel has since been released from the hospital.

Schnell cautions that police don't have the full story yet, but says they have promising leads.

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