Editor's note on Best Cheap Thrill item

In response to a series of inquiries and complaints--a vastly disproportionate share of them from reporters in other media--City Pages editor Steve Perry made the following statement about this week's Best of the Twin Cities blurb for Best Cheap Thrill, which named crystal meth the winner:

"Though it may come as a shock to talk radio tubthumpers and even a few of our readers, every Best of the Twin Cities issue we've ever done has contained items that were mainly satiric in intent. This is one. If you actually read the item, you can see that it calls methamphetamine a nasty drug we'd be better off without. In May 2003, City Pages published the first extensive local print feature [1] [2] on the toll meth has taken in rural Minnesota.

"The point of the item is not to advocate that people consider trying crystal meth when they're planning a cheap evening's worth of fun, and we think only a seriously dense person could conclude that it was. (That probably explains why the topic was such a hit on Twin Cities drive-time talk radio this morning.) The point of the item was that it's possible to make entirely too much of the drug hype of the hour--unless you're in radio or television, of course."

UPDATE: Best Cheap Thrill: a postscript and, yes, an apology