Edina man yells the most Edina thing ever while being restrained outside bar

"I'm rich, you're poor."

"I'm rich, you're poor."

On the night of June 28, an Edina man tried to buy an entire bottle of liquor at Wild Bill's Sports Saloon in Woodbury.

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Staff informed him that they don't sell liquor by the bottle, so he opted for plan B and instead bought shots and individual drinks. But it turned out the man wasn't as rich as he initially seemed.

[jump] Police say the man left Wild Bill's without paying, but forgot to take his credit card with him. Staff attempted to charge him for the drinks, but his card was denied. A manager was able to track him down at Sunsets and asked him to return to Wild Bill's to pay up.

We'll let Edina Patch tell the story from there (emphasis ours):

The man went back to Wild Bill's and yelled and swore at staff. He then tried to leave when his card was declined again.

He jumped over a deck to run away, but staff tracked him down and held him to the ground. He was yelling: "I'm rich, you're poor. ... I can do what I want."

Management wanted him trespassed and did not pursue disorderly conduct or theft charges. Police took him to detox.

Unless he's lying about being rich, it looks like it's high time for the dude to transfer some of his trust fund into his bank account.

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