Edina Car Wash boycotted over Bradlee Dean support

Bradlee Dean: He's pretty much already dressed to work at a carwash.

Bradlee Dean: He's pretty much already dressed to work at a carwash.

Do you want the turtle wax with your car wash? Oh, and do you want a little bit of anti-gay hate?

That's the question asked by a group that's calling for a boycott of the Edina Car Wash, claiming that it acts as a host for Bradlee Dean's "You Can Run But You Cannot Hide" fundraising team.

In the past, when City Pages reached out to Walmart about supporting the anti-gay crusader, Walmart backed away from Dean like he was strapped with dynamite, claiming that he'd lied to them about what his organization was doing.

City Pages reached out to the Edina Car Wash, and they, too, said this was all a big misunderstanding -- only this time, they're the only ones who know the truth about Dean, and everyone else has it wrong.


The Car Wash, located on 54th Street and France Avenue, is the target of a Facebook campaign that's succinctly called "Boycott the Edina Car Wash." That group now has 174 "Likes," and, apparently, some convictions: When City Pages called Edina Car Wash, a manager told us the gas station had been getting e-mails from detractors.

The Facebook group's visual aid.

The Facebook group's visual aid.

The manager said she wanted to clear something up, explaining that there is absolutely no advertising, as in fliers or posters, for Bradlee Dean or "You Can Run But You Cannot Hide" inside the store.

"Never has, never will be," she said.

Okay, so that answers that, let's move it along--

"They come out about every three months," she went on.

Wait, what? So the store is nearly bragging that it doesn't put up any fliers of Dean's, but has no problem hosting his team of wunderkind teenage fundraisers? That "street team" is exactly what set Walmart's public relations hair on fire, with a spokeswoman telling City Pages Dean's team used a false name, adding, "As soon as we learned the group's true identity, they were asked to leave."

As City Pages calculated in its recent feature, "The Benediction of Bradlee Dean," the street team is a devastating group that goes out six at a time, each of whom raised about $74,000 in 2009:

"To reach that annual haul, each street team member would have to take in $202 from donations each day and never take a single day off--including Sunday."
Where do you stack up that kind of cash? Why, of course, gas station parking lots.

The manager of the Edina Car Wash, who refused to give her name for publication, said the e-mails the gas station was getting, and even the questions from City Pages, were all part of a misunderstanding.

"The group that they're upset with," she said, referring to Dean's ministry, "was misquoted, which, they're currently in a lawsuit that they're trying to get it retracted."

Ah, yes, Dean's very serious lawsuits against MSNBC's Rachel Maddow and the Minnesota Independent's Andy Birkey, two torch-carriers in the gay/liberal/media/Godless conspiracy to ruin Dean's reputation by quoting his own words accurately. Surely, that litigation will clear all of this up, and Dean will win $50 million from both parties.

According to a new update posted to the Facebook boycott page last night, all gas stations owned throughout that chain are on board with Dean's anti-gay message, though the unnamed curator of the Facebook group admits to only seeing Dean's minions at the Edina Carwash.

City Pages can't confirm that allegation, either, because the manager of Edina Carwash called back shortly after our chat with a statement from corporate: No comment. Even still, she'd already tried to stick up for Dean and You Can Run But You Cannot Hide.

"I think," the manager said, "people are misinformed about this group."

Yes, ma'am, it seems like some of them are.