Eden Prairie GOP candidate's outspoken blogging elicits criticism from both sides of aisle

One MNGOPer expressed concern the DFL will gain a seat in November if Kihne wins her primary.

One MNGOPer expressed concern the DFL will gain a seat in November if Kihne wins her primary.

:::: UPDATE :::: Eden Prairie GOP candidate Sheila Kihne once wrote cringe-worthy book about dating [VIDEO]

Sheila Kihne is a Republican activist and Eden Prairie resident who is running in an August primary for a Minnesota House seat.

On her website, Kihne characterizes herself as a "small-government conservative." But in recent weeks, some of Kihne's fellow Republicans have reached out to us about blog posts she's written that suggest she's so conservative, she actually favors raising taxes on low-income Minnesotans. (Liberals have also gotten in touch to draw attention to Kihne's blog.)

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For instance, here's what Kihne wrote in July 2009 under the headline, "Annoy a Liberal Thought of the Day" (emphasis mine):
Liberals believe in a "progressive tax system", but shouldn't the number progress from something other than 0%?

Bush actually removed millions of people from the bottom of the tax rolls and reduced tax rates for everybody, it's a huge liberal lie that his tax cuts only helped "the rich."

My proposal:

Actually tax everybody, we're "all in this together" Right? We all should "share the pain" Right? This could help bring in the much needed "revenue" that liberals say we need to balance budgets, (vs. cutting spending which is the conservative solution.)

So let's start with, say a 5% income tax for those at the bottom. You have to pay at least some percentage of your income to the least if you want to vote. If you don't want to vote, you can keep on paying nothing. Sounds fair to me.
That's far from the only controversial thing Kihne has published on her "The Activist Next Door" blog, which has been dormant for a few years now. Other examples include Kihne's October 2008 "Redistribution Plan," which begins with this hypothetical: "What if I doled out the $12,000 tax raise I'm going to pay under Obama's plan and had to file who I gave the money to on my federal tax return?"

"I believe in helping those in need- I'd sign up four families for a free $3,000 check at the end of the year- in return they'd sign a contract with me," Kihne continues, before outlining some of the terms of her contract, which include:
5. you will not own any of the following items (if you do, you'll immediately sell them) an iPod, a flat screen television, video games, a computer or any designer clothing...

7. any children 12 or over will have a job to contribute to the household income
Because finding work in the 21st century is so much easier without the distractions computer ownership brings, right?

Another post from that same month makes a case that Republicans are happier than Democrats.

"I think our principle value of individual responsibility means that we put happiness in our own hands," Kihne writes. "This is why WE KNOW redistribution of wealth doesn't work and welfare is really just institutionalized racism. We know that the government trying to jip people of the rewards that work brings leads to more societal ills- not less."

There's also this gem from one of Kihne's April 2009 posts: "When it comes to waterboarding terrorists, I have just four words... Hand me the hose."

Finally, in a March 2009 post entitled, "Thirty-Five-Year-Old Dinosaur," Kihne suggests single women who get pregnant don't deserve a full-blown wedding ceremony.

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"I also think that if you get married- and are knocked up- you should get married quietly," Kihne writes. "At a courthouse, at a private home. There should be no 1. Dance 2. Dinner."

Though the activists who directed us to these posts wanted to keep their names out of our coverage, Rep. Pat Garofalo (R-Farmington) has been publicly putting Kihne on blast:
-- Rep. Pat Garofalo (@PatGarofalo) July 10, 2014 Garofalo has kept up the pressure in recent days: Kihne didn't respond an email and voicemail we left her seeking comment. Her opponent in the August primary is incumbent Rep. Jenifer Loon (R-Eden Prairie), who led an ill-fated effort to pass Sunday sales during the most recent legislative session. Neither candidate received the MNGOP endosement.

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