Eden Prairie GOP candidate Sheila Kihne once wrote cringe-worthy book about dating [VIDEO]

Kihne during her appearance on the <em>Today </em>show.

Kihne during her appearance on the Today show.

Yesterday, we told you about Republican House candidate Sheila Kihne's controversial, ultra-right blogging. Today we bring you something even more interesting.

Kihne's campaign website notes that while she's currently a full-time mom, the Eden Prairie resident once was "Co-Author of a Book on Dating and Courtship, [and] appeared on The TODAY Show and Fox News Channel." And lemme tell you, what a book it is!

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Kihne's book -- co-written with her sister, Mary Corbett -- is entitled, The List: 7 Ways to Tell If He's Going to Marry You--in 30 Days or Less! (Kihne, for her part, has been married to her husband Todd for 18 years, according to her campaign website.)

The "About the Author" section on the book's Amazon page describes Kihne and Corbett as "fiery sisters who share a passion for telling other people what to do" -- an eerily appropriate description in light of Kihne's political convictions, which include the belief that any child over 12 whose family is on welfare should get a job, and that any family on welfare should be barred from owning a computer until they can get by without assistance. (Check out the link in the first paragraph of this post for more on that.)

Here's the book's Amazon synopsis (unedited):

The List puts single men everywhere on notice: Get it together in 30 days or you're out. The concept is delightfully simple - when a man meets "the one", he will take 7 swift actions to secure her love forever: He'll make the first move He'll contact her in 24 to 48 hours to set up a first date He'll make the first date easy and fun He'll contact her within 24 hours of the first date to set up another date He'll talk to her every day and spend all his free time with her He'll demonstrate unconditional loyalty He'll talk about marrying her in concrete terms and he proposes - or lets her know that he's going to propose With The List, women can get the relationship they've always dreamed of - without playing hard to get, putting on an act, or - most important - wasting any more time.

We tried to get the book from the Minneapolis Central Library, but they don't have it. You can buy it for the whopping price of one cent on Amazon, but really, who needs to read it when you can blog about reader comments like the ones below instead?

On Amazon, a certain DermaDocVM gives the book a five-star rating and writes, "With a book like this available, we single women don't have to rely on sheer luck in meeting a true Mr. Right."

"I know I sound harsh, but there are too many of us 'servicing men' (like an earlier post succintly mentioned) and boosting their egos until that man meets the woman of their dreams," Derma continues. "Despite many misinterpretations, this book is NOT about getting a guy to marry you within 1 month because of loudly ticking biological clocks."

Another reviewer, Dr. Bobby H. Wang, also gives the book five stars and writes, "I suspect most boys hate this book; until they have daughters of their own."

"Boys would much rather string their sex partners along, and enjoy free milk," he continues, grossly.

As Kihne mentions on her website, while publicizing the book, she and her sister appeared on the Today show. Click to page two for the video -- trust us, you don't want to miss it!


Here it is:

If you can't watch the whole thing, highlights include Kihne saying, "If you're the one, you can do no wrong, and happily married men told us again and again that when they knew their wife was the one, she could do nothing wrong -- it didn't matter how she acted."

Later on, the host asks the sisters what women should do if a man doesn't call them within 24 hours of a promising first date.

"Dump him, if you wanna get married on a timeline," Kihne replies. "If you don't wanna be married, then, you know, keep dating him."

Kihne goes on to present this theory about dudes: "Inside every man there is an alarm and they don't even know it's there, and when they meet the woman they're going to marry, that alarm goes off." (Anecdotally, I can report that this theory is false... or at least in my case, the damn thing hasn't gone off yet.)

Asked why the sisters think emailing during the early stages of courtship is a bad idea, Corbett says, "Men use computers and emails to download music, play video games, and work. Women use email to have deep relationships with their friends, so they're tricked into thinking that means something, and it does mean something -- it means he doesn't want to talk to you." (Notice how Corbett's list omits one notable activity from the set of things men like to do on computers...)

Follow the advice in the book, and Kihne promises ladies they'll either get a marriage proposal from the guy their dating or at least "know his intentions" within 30 days.

Judging by all that, dating really is different for Republicans, it appears.

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