Eden Prairie employees offer amusing excuses for selling alcohol to minors


Eden Prairie police recently ran stings at city businesses that hold liquor licenses to make sure they aren't selling alcohol to minors.

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According to the Sun Current, 10 out of 56 establishments failed the compliance check. And asked why they sold booze to underaged folks, three of the busted employees, in particular, offered up humorous excuses.

In one instance, the clerk said he was so blinded by a 19-year-old customer's beauty that he decided to press his store's magic button. The Sun Current explains:

Super America, 16425 West 78th Street

Robert Ricky Kammerer, 62, of Eden Prairie, never asked for an ID. He stated the 19-year-old customer was very pretty... Kammerer further stated she appeared to be over 30 and there was a button he could press at the register that allowed him to bypass the date-of-birth entry.

Over at Eden Prairie Liquor, a 68-year-old clerk named Thomas Rentoul sold booze to a minor without asking for ID but explained that "it was the end of his shift and there was a line so he was trying to move quickly," the Sun Current reports, while at Inside Edge Golf, 63-year-old employee Terrance Larson said he simply "totally forgot" to ask for ID after he was caught selling to a minor red-handed.

At least those guys had excuses, however. The Sun Current reports that at the Pei Wei Asian Diner, 22-year-old manager Danielle Galindo checked a minor's ID, but then proceeded to sell them booze anyway. Perhaps she didn't realize employees don't get any points merely for making an effort.

While their excuses may have been amusing, the penalties the aforementioned employees face are not. All who failed the compliance checks have been charged with gross misdemeanors and face maximum penalties of a year behind bars and/or a $3,000 fine.

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