Eddie Izzard's Al Franken donation isn't funny to Jeff Larson

Eddie Izzard can't do that, can he?

Eddie Izzard can't do that, can he?

Norm Coleman lost his Senate seat to Al Franken, and it looks like Jeff Larson just can't let go.

Coleman's D.C. landlord and Sarah Palin's personal shopper is head of an outfit called Senate Accountability Watch. And he's filed a complaint with the Federal Election Commission accusing Franken's Midwest Values PAC of illegally taking money from a foreign national.


The evil overseas influencer in question is comedian Eddie Izzard.

What "shocking hypocrisy," Larson writes. It was just a few short months ago that Franken was unfairly calling on the FEC to investigate the Republican National Committee for accepting donations from shadowy figures far afield. He (and Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton) ought to be held to the same standards.

Izzard, it's true, has been fairly generous, donating tens of thousands of dollars to various Democrats and liberal organizations in recent years. He was also very open about it. Which makes sense. He had nothing to hide:


@wildmonky I'm a Green Card guy paying taxes. Can't vote. Can donate. Can talk senseless than a minute ago via TweetDeck

Yes, Izzard has a "green card," a United States Permanent Resident Card. And here's the relevant clause from the Federal Election Commission website:

An immigrant may make a contribution if he or she has a "green card" indicating his or her lawful admittance for permanent residence in the United States.

On FEC records, as carried by, he lists his address as Los Angeles:

So we'll see how this goes. In the meantime, as the Star Tribune noted today, Senate Accountability Watch has filed just one other complaint with the FEC. The target? Al Franken.