Ed Hansen takes down Confederate flag, in hot water with Rocco's management

Ed Hansen is no longer rocking the stars and bars from his back deck.
Ed Hansen is no longer rocking the stars and bars from his back deck.

Yesterday, we brought you the story of Ed Hansen, the Confederate flag-flying city council member in West St. Paul.

Hansen, you might recall, also owns Rocco's Pizza in Little Canada. Rocco's has seven pizzerias throughout the East Metro and is run by president Jim Bauer. 

In response to all the publicity Hansen is generating, Bauer wants to make it clear as crystal that he is no fan of the Confederate flag or people who fly it. Below is the letter Bauer wrote to the City Pages in response to yesterday's story.

Bauer writes:

Rocco's Pizza in no way condones Mr. Hansen's actions. I had a long discussion with Mr. Hansen yesterday morning. He told me he has removed the flag. He relayed to me his intention was to raise awareness of the tax and spend attitude of government and he flew the flag as a "rebel" not a racist. What ever his reason, the flag was a misguided attempt to get his point across and in poor taste. I am very sorry his actions offended you. I hope in the future, Mr. Hansen puts more thought into the message he is sending.

Assuming he runs for reelection, we'll see how much Hansen's West St. Paul constituency is offended by his one-man rebellion come November when his four-year term on the city council ends.

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