Ed Gein: The Musical (Coming soon!)


We had to pinch ourselves a couple times before we could believe this is real. Some film makers in Wisconsin are taking the story of Ed Gein, the 1950s grave robber and murderer, and turning it into a musical. How else could you accurately portray Gein's story?

The horror movie has already been done. Gein was the inspiration for "Psycho." Next up: Singing grave robber of course.

Appleton-based production company DaviesRussell is shooting the movie in the coming months in Omro and hopes to have it out on DVD by the end of the year.

Despite the musical spin, the movie will be historically accurate. We'll just pretend Gein actually sang while digging up the bodies of women and cooking them up in a delicious stew. Are you as excited as we are?

Check out the trailer: