Eat meat? Don't complain about a dead Chihuahua: Comment Of The Day

Boyd faces possible prison time.

Boyd faces possible prison time.

We expected a firestorm of hostile comments about Holly Boyd, who's accused of killing a Chihuahua puppy by slamming it into a piece of furniture.

But we didn't see this one coming: an argument about vegetarianism.

"Of course all those other animals that are killed so we can eat, are done so with love and care," opined Valid. "No deadly blows to the head with blunt objects--ever. They are petted to death by softest hands."


As long as we humans consume flesh of any kind, any moral judgment of others killing animals is vain. Wake up and look at yourself in the mirror, now, take a stone, dont throw it at the mirror, bash it into your own skull.

That's a bit rough, but then "Valid" goes on to lament the death of microbes when you clap your hands, so make of it what you will.

Read the original post here, and tell us what you think: Holly Boyd charged with throwing, killing Chihuahua puppy after it pissed on her leg.