East Coast Craigslist killer strikes again?

We thought we were the lucky ones in Minnesota for having a "Craigslist killer" in our neck of the woods. Apparently the East Coast has one of their own.

A man who has already murdered one Boston woman and robbed several others appears to be targeting women in Rhode Island now. His victims advertised sex services on Craigslist.

In his latest crime, police in Warwick, R.I., say the killer attempted to rob a woman who had offered "private dances." The killer, who is 6 feet tall, tied the woman up with a plastic cord, held her at gunpoint, and tried to take her money. Her husband came into the room, and the killer held him up too.

Boston police, who have been tracking the killer, are cautious to confirm that the Rhode Island suspect is the same one they have been following. Both suspects are white; the Boston one has been captured on several surveillance cameras, carrying his Blackberry. Police think he is robbing the women for drug money.

Image courtesy of Boston Police Department