Eagan nurse allegedly tried to kill her husband by feeding him Ambien smoothie

Losie faces up to a half-decade behind bars for allegedly trying to kill her husband in all sorts of ways.
Losie faces up to a half-decade behind bars for allegedly trying to kill her husband in all sorts of ways.

If Amy Losie was as effective as a nurse as she was in trying to kill her husband, then we pity her patients.

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Losie, a 37-year-old Eagan nurse, allegedly tried to kill her husband with an Ambien smoothie, a pillow, and an insulin overdose. But she failed each time, and a co-worker eventually alerted authorities about her murderous scheming.

Eagan Patch details Losie's efforts, part of which involved stealing incremental amounts of insulin from the unnamed hospital she worked at:

[Losie's co-worker] told officers that Losie, a nurse at a Twin Cities hospital, frantically called her earlier that day [on March 20]. During the conversation, Losie allegedly told the witness that she tried to give her husband a smoothie blended with 15 Ambien pills, and that on another occasion, she tried to put a pillow over his face. The husband didn't like the taste of the smoothie and didn't finish it, Losie allegedly said.

Police say Losie also admitted to intentionally overdosing her husband, on insulin--at one point asking the witness: "How do you give somebody 60 units and then 80 units of insulin and they don't die?"...

At investigators' requests, the witness arranged another phone call with Losie, which was recorded by officers. In the call, Losie told the witness that she felt trapped and that nothing ever changed. Losie also admitted to attempting to give her husband an insulin overdose by injecting him with needles in the stomach three times, according to police.

Following the phone call, police arrested Losie, and she's since been charged with a felony count of making terroristic threats and a gross misdemeanor count of harassment. She told police she was frustrated with her drug-addled husband, but that only seems like a decent reason to leave him, not attempt to kill him (Though it should be noted she wasn't charged with attempted murder).

Losie denied actually injecting her husband with drugs, but police found a yellow bruise on his stomach. He told police he had no idea the bruise might've been caused by an injection.

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