Eagan babysitter allegedly swung baby 'in the air like a monkey'


An Eagan woman is accused of abusing a 6-month-old baby she was babysitting so badly that the girl suffered nine broken bones.

When police questioned her, she admitted to swinging the baby around like a monkey.

Here's the list of broken bones: both femurs, both arms, her left shinbone, her right ankle, her right wrist, and two left ribs, according to the Pioneer Press.

When doctors discovered a broken femur and shinbone in April, they did a full body scan and found the other fractures which had occurred up to four weeks beforehand.

When questioned, Laura Marie Wilkinson, 30, admitted she had been a little rough with the baby on several occasions when she was frustrated with the baby's non-stop crying.

More from the PiPress:

"Wilkinson advised that she had been depressed and that while she was caring for the baby, the baby seemed to be always crying, which frustrated her."

"Wilkinson admitted to squeezing the baby around the rib cage on one occasion, grabbing the baby by the arms / shoulder area and jolting her, holding the baby by the wrists and swinging her in the air like a monkey, and pulling on the baby's legs, specifically her ankles, roughly during diaper changes."