E-cigs banned at Target Field

Chewing tobacco, anyone?
Chewing tobacco, anyone?

You can't smoke real cigarettes at Target Field -- in fact, you can't even leave the stadium to puff on one during the game. (Weed, on the other hand? At least one guy has gotten away with it!)

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So it probably shouldn't come as a surprise to hear that team officials have also officially banned e-cigs from the premises.

Kevin Smith, the Twins' senior director of communications, told WCCO that "Because of the proliferation of [vaping], we want to make it crystal clear that Target Field is a non-smoking venue of any kind." To that end, the Twins PA announcer's pre-game announcements now contain a line about e-cigs not being allowed at the stadium.

Of course, e-cig advocates argue that Smith and the Twins could still have their "non-smoking venue of any kind" policy while allowing e-cigs, since e-cig users exhale water vapor, not smoke.

In any event, the news reaffirms that the only buzz folks at Target Field can get is whatever they can manage from the fumes wafting over from the Hennepin County garbage burner (and, of course, from $8 beers).

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