E-cigarette shop owner compares vaping to farting

E-cigarette shop owner compares vaping to farting

For better or worse, farting is legal pretty much everywhere and will be for the foreseeable future. Vaping is also legal, but it's becoming increasingly restricted.

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The latest city to clamp down on vaping is Rochester. According to a KAAL TV report, the city council there recently banned e-cigarette smoking in five places: Peace Plaza, the Rochester Public Library, Mayo Campus, bus shelters, and riverside concerts by the Civic Center.

A Rochester council member explained the restrictions thus: "Most of the places where we have these [bans] there's a lot of kids around, and I think that in both the case of e-cigs, which are basically a drug delivery device, they just didn't want them in the proximity of children."

But that doesn't sit well with Tory Keefe, owner of the Vapin Midwest store in Rochester, who compared vapin' with tootin'.

"I'm just worried about our government," Keefe told KAAL. "How many more rules and regulations? How long until flatulence is illegal?"

To answer Keefe's question, when people start smoking farts, that's when.

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