E-cig charger explodes, burning hole in Minnesota author's car [PHOTO]

Inhaling E-cigs might not be bad for you, but simply having one charging in your car can be dangerous.

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Consider the case of local Christian author Jerry Lindberg, who shared the above photo of the inside of his car after his e-cig charger exploded.

Lindberg isn't the first e-cig user to experience a meltdown of that sort. According to a Consumerist report from October, there have been many such instances throughout the country recently, including one in Florida where a man suffered facial burns after an e-cig exploded in his mouth. Yikes!

Consumerist reports that e-cig charger explosions occur because certain models don't stop charging even after the battery is full. That's pretty scary, but then again, so is the possibility of dropping an old-school cigarette while it's lit.

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