DWI recliner bidder says he won't pay up

Motorized recliner seeks loving home.

Motorized recliner seeks loving home.

Remember the guy who won the eBay auction for the motorized recliner involved last year in a Proctor DWI? Turns out he's not paying up on his $10,099 winning bid and the town's police chief, Walter Wobig, isn't happy.

Wobig told MPR he e-mailed the winning bidder last week, looking for the $2,000 deposit stipulated on the auction page.

No deal, the bidder replied. Didn't mean to bid on the contraption. Can't afford it, either.

Wobig didn't buy the excuses and he's asked Proctor's city attorney to look into the matter.

"On eBay, you have to confirm you bid," Wobig told MPR. "At any time he could have withdrawn his bid."

Dennis LeRoy Anderson was piloting the lawnmower engine-powered chair home from a bar last year when he hit a parked car and drove into a heap of trouble with Proctor police. He pleaded guilty to DWI, scored two years probation and watched as the police confiscated the "vehicle."

The chariot made headlines again when Proctor police put it up for bid on eBay and watched in amazement as bids went through the roof -- until the legal eagles at Lay-Z-Boy stepped in.

It turns out Anderson's contraption was really just a garden variety motorized recliner and the Lay-Z-Boy folks were adamant that it not be auctioned off using their brand name. The police had to re-list it as a "DWI Chair, Motorized Chair, Racing Chair."

The vehicle has been obtained from a DWI forfeiture and has not been restored. Engine: Briggs and Stratton Model # 19070 Type: 5641 with electric start.  Transmission type unknown and is sloppy - needs work. The vehicle has front lights, rear tag light, radio, cup holder, rear roll bars and other custom options, missing the seat cushion.  Curb weight of vehicle is unknown, length is 52" and width is 45".  This is a great parade vehicle or a terrific business draw. Be the only one in town with a unique vehicle like this. This is not a street legal vehicle.

Maybe the winning bidder was worried about the cost of getting his prize home.

"This vehicle is local pick-up only," it says on the eBay listing. "We will not ship nor arrange shipping."