DWI motorized chair final bid: $10,099.99


Minnesota's famed DWI motorized chair (It's not a La-Z-Boy! Don't be fooled!) has finally been sold on eBay. Final price, 64 bids later: $10,099.99.

That's a whole lot less than the first set of bids on the original eBay item. The Proctor police originally listed it, calling it a La-Z-Boy. Bids soared above $40,000. When the recliner producer came after them claiming it wasn't actually a La-Z-Boy, the police closed to auction and restarted it under a more factually correct title.

The second sale didn't seem to go so well.

The chair became mega-famous after Proctor, Minn. man "drove" it home from the bar drunk. He hit a parked vehicle and police seized it.