DWI chair sells for $3,700

Dennis Leroy Anderson and his greatest creation: A Barcalounger even a drunk can drive.

Dennis Leroy Anderson and his greatest creation: A Barcalounger even a drunk can drive.

For professional drunks, it is a trophy like no other: the only chair to ever land its operator a DWI.

The chair has as many amenities as the average Mini Cooper. Powered by a lawnmower engine, it comes equipped with cup holders, stereo, and magazine rack. (So you can catch up on your reading while you're drunkenly driving home on your recliner.)

The previous owner, Dennis LeRoy Anderson of Proctor, Minnesota, got popped by police during a bar run, and charged with DWI with a blood alcohol content of .29, more than three times the legal limit to drive anything, including a motorized chair.

That forfeited his right to his invention, the greatest vehicle for lazy drunks ever. Realizing they were sitting on solid gold, the police put the DWI Chair on eBay, where drunken bidding reached $40,000.

Sadly, the auctioneer had made a crucial mistake in describing the chair as a La-Z-Boy. No, this was an off-brand DWI chair, which makes all the difference in the world.

A second auction brought a more sober price of 10,099.99. But the bidder--a Californian--welched, as did the second highest bidder.

The Boozy Barcalounger was back on the auction block. Even police were feeling like the once-vaunted DWI chair was more of an upholstered albatross.

"It's moving me to address this issue over and over and I really would like this issue to be over with, because I have other things to take care of in the community," said Chief Walter Wobig of the Proctor Police Department.

Third time was not a charm. Only 15 bidders were still buzzed, and the super chair sold yesterday for a rock bottom $3,700, less than 1/10th of its eBay price.

The winning bidder's name is not being disclosed--for obvious reasons--but if you see a guy weaving in and out of traffic driving a piece of furniture, it's probably him.