"DWI Chair" back up for grabs on eBay

Forget Lady Liberty. Never mind Old Glory. We submit that no propagandist could ever devise a symbol that more accurately and concisely embodies America than Dennis LeRoy Anderson's easy chair.

The 62-year-old Anderson tricked-out his recliner with wheels, a lawnmower engine, steering wheel, and headlights. Boombox stereo and cup holders come standard on the Proctor, Minn. resident's former rig.

Soon it can be yours.

The Proctor Police Department confiscated the chair back in August after Anderson crashed the "vehicle" into a parked car just outside the bar. After blowing .29, Anderson was hit with a DWI and put on two years probation.

The police are now looking to peddle the infamous chair on eBay. The recliner sold for $10,999(!) in a deal last month, but the buyer--someone from California--backed out. Last night, the Proctor City Council gave the go-ahead to put it back on the auction block. The police department is intent on recovering at least $10,999 this time around, regardless of the winning bid.

"If we the bid falls short of that figure, we might go after [the previous buyer] to make up the difference," says Proctor Police Chief Walter Wobig.