Duy Ngo commits suicide

Minneapolis police Officer Duy Ngo, shot by a fellow officer in 2003 and the recipient of the largest-ever settlement involving a Minneapolis police officer, shot himself to death on Monday at his home in Mendota Heights.

His wife called 911 this morning to report the shooting, and police Chief Tim Dolan sent a message to his officers today, telling them the news.

His death ends a life of struggle since the night of Feb. 23, 2003, when he was on an undercover stakeout and shot in his car by a still-unknown assailant. His bullet proof vest kept him alive. He radioed for help.

Here's our account of what followed:

Minutes later officers Charles Storlie and Jamie Conway arrived on the scene. What happened in the next few moments is impossible to describe in exact detail. According to the police, Ngo had one gun in his hand and another by his side when the officers arrived. The police department also maintains that Storlie called out to the stricken man. He then opened fire. Ngo's body was riddled with bullets from an MP5 submachine gun. The number of hits reported has varied. Initially the count was four, then five, then six. Ngo's own tally is at least eight. Nobody seems to know for sure.

Ngo filed a federal civil rights lawsuit and the Minneapolis City Council approved a record $4.5 million payout to settle the case in 2007. He had endured dozens of surgeries to repair his body, and had been on part time desk duty with the department.

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