Dustin Kenneth Nelson, sex offender, at home in the Moose Lake woods

Gampers Restaurant, out on County Road 61 in Moose Lake, is a fine family establishment, popular with the locals for its bowling alley, and a fine plate of loaded-to-the-gills nachos. So why in tarnation is level-3 sex offender Dustin Kenneth Nelson being allowed to live nearby in the woods, on the Munger Trail? Evidently, because it's not illegal to do so.

This is a town already creeped out by the assorted sickos locked up the local Minnesota Sexual Offender Program facility; they've been known to escape from time to time. In fact, four of them were recently recaptured.

But Nelson has paid his debt to society, and he isn't locked up anymore: He intends to live in the woods because he lost his job, and then a place to live. His status, according to the Department of Corrections: "Homeless, vicinity of Munger Trail, Moose Lake, MN 55767

Moose Lake locals are wigging out. Who can blame them? A community notification meeting is scheduled for Aug. 2 at City Hall, according to the Pine Journal.

The thing is, it seems that what he's doing is perfectly legal -- he can't be forced live somewhere. Moose Lake Police Chief Bryce Bogenholm told the Duluth News Tribune he checked out the rules.

"They told me as long as he fills out a change of information form and he check in with local police department every week, then it was."

Nelson's ofense according to DOC records:

Offender engaged in sexual contact with victim (adult female) and held her against her will. Contact included restraining victim and pulling her to the ground. Offender gained access to victim by approaching her in a public park. Offender was not known to victim.

"I tell people to not be alone" when they use the trail, Bogenholm told the paper. "Try to have somebody with them."

The trail runs alongside Highway 61 south of Moose Lake:

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