Dumpster diving at Norm Coleman's office

Politico has another gem today about our wanna-be Sen. Norm Coleman. It looks like his chances of reelection are so slim his office is anxious to rid their space of their remaining office supplies. Couldn't they hold on to some of this stuff somewhere in hopes of moving them back in? Or leave them as a "screw you" gift for Al Franken when he shows up?

Anyway, it turned into a day of dumpster diving for Senate staffers in the Hart building on Capitol Hill as other sad offices scrounged for free office supplies. Three-ring binders? Printer cartridges? For free? We must be in heaven.

You know you're in a recession when there is mass excitement for leftover office junk.

More from Politico:
"We just received a bipartisan gift of 3 3-hole punches from staffers cleaning out Sen. Coleman's office," one staffer wrote to us. "They are throwing away perfectly good office supplies - looks like they may be on a time deadline of clearing stuff out."

"Quite the fire sale," another staffer declared.

One person was seen Wednesday afternoon picking through the glorious office supplies and was overheard saying, "Yes. I am dumpster diving."