DumpBachmann blog sees explosion of curious anti-Americans

It's the story of online viral media at its finest.

When Rep. Michele Bachmann does or says something extreme in the national media, you can count on a huge surge of traffic to the Dump Michele Bachmann blog, which started in 2004. They saw traffic spikes after her infamous smooch with the President and her statements about homosexuality, but her recent call for the media to investigate anti-American members in Congress has set a new visitor record.

"Our numbers have exploded," said the blog's creator, Eva Young, during an interview with CP. The site saw around 36 times their normal daily visitors on Saturday. Check out the numbers and details after the jump.

The site typically sees 300 to 500 clicks a day with spikes up to 1,000 or 2,000 on busy days.

Here are their numbers for this weekend: Friday 11,647 total visitors, 7,957 first-time visitors Saturday 18,302 total visitors, 11,163 first-time visitors Sunday 12,641 total visitors, 7,779 first-time visitors

Young says the visitors are mainly coming from Google searches for her name.

Ken Avidor of DumpBachmann said their blog is serving its purpose. "We want this embarrassment to be out of office," he said. "People are realizing that yes, she is every bit as nutty as they thought she was."

CLICK HERE FOR 'THE MANY FACES OF MICHELE BACHMAN" Avidor said they've been recording her crazy statements for years and finally people are catching on. He said Bachmann was already having a tough time with her reelection and her recent statements paired with the $1 million thrust at the district from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee could tip the scales in favor of her opponent, Elwyn Tinklenberg.

"We are embarrassed, but hopeful we can rid ourselves of Bachmann," he said.

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