Duluth's request for more Franken cash denied


When Duluth City Clerk Jeff Cox was subpoenaed by Al Franken's campaign for the recount trial, he told the lawyers to pay up or get lost. Franken's team offered him $105 for his time, but the city said he deserved $1,100 to cover mileage, time, meals and lodging.

The three-judge panel on Monday rejected the request, ruling that Cox had to testify based on the public nature of his job and that the amount offered is fair.

More from the Duluth News Tribune:

In Cox's case, it's $105, which includes a standard $20 witness fee and mileage.

"Testifying in an election contest about the election process that he/she supervised is an important part of an election official's responsibilities," the judges said in their ruling.

"Due to the public nature of Cox's position and this proceeding, he is not entitled to additional compensation," the court added.

Duluth Deputy City Attorney Alison Lutterman helped Cox challenge the order last week, saying he deserved more money, especially during tough economic times for the city.

State election officials had agreed with Duluth's stance, claiming that local officials haven't been reasonably reimbursed for their time in the trial.