Duluth man busted posing as lawyer

Duluth man busted posing as lawyer

After four years in prison and fines of over $150,000, it's clear that Howard O. Kieffer would probably have been better off just going to law school in the first place.

He's already been to the clink once for impersonating a lawyer, and now a Colorado grand jury has indicted the Duluth native for impersonating an attorney. And not just in some rinky dink civil case--the guy was in court on a murder-for-hire case.

Through mail fraud and, we're assuming, just some genuine pluck and smooth talking, Kieffer found himself getting paid $50,000 by a woman accused of putting out a hit on her former husband.

For one reason or another, Americans typically love a good con man. We regard the artful pickpocket, the three card monte dealer, and the snake oil salesman with more than a little perverted admiration. Hell, America's great heroes of the wild west were cold blooded murderers and thieves, one and all.

But this con doesn't even have any real panache. And, unlike the great Frank Abagnale Jr. (look him up), Kieffer was dumb enough to be caught twice. And at a decidedly unglamorous con at that. What's he going to do next, spend three years in jail for posing as a Detroit-area sewage treatment manager?

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