Duluth F-16s help track down Canadian suicidal pilot

Wednesday's five most fascinating stories printed on wood pulp:

Duluth F-16 pilots help track down Canadian suicidal pilot

We don't blame anyone living in Thunder Bay, Ontario for being a little off. That place sucks. The Duluth News Tribune tells the story about local pilots who are on call to track down planes that aren't supposed to be where they are flying. They were part of the search for the suicidal pilot who flew for six hours Monday before he landed in Missouri. He had hoped to be shot down by a military aircraft.

Alleged gun planting by police gets more twisted

The latest in the alleged gun planting by Minneapolis police following an officer's shooting death of a suspect: After police tried to explain why the original gun described at the scene wasn't the gun they actually found there, they said the gun was a Belgian-made FNH handgun that belonged to Tong Vue. A new affidavit in the federal lawsuit says Vue never owned an FNH handgun and he was never aware of the police report with his personal information.

Man killed by police had suicide notes on computer, was depressed about friend's suicidePolice shot a man in a St. Paul alley Monday after he fired several shots and then pointed the gun at them. When he didn't respond to police demands to drop the weapon, police said they were forced to shoot. Authorities found a message on his MySpace page Monday: "I love you all ... goodbye ... I am sorry." They also found letters on his computer that suggested he was going to try and commit suicide.

Search for missing St. Thomas student quiets down

Day three of the search for the missing University of St. Thomas freshman is now in a "watch-and-see" mode. Police said they will continue to investigate his disappearance, but won't continue the active search.

Fargo journalist detained in Iran charged with spying

The Iranian-American journalist detained in Iran has been charged with espionage. The woman grew up in Fargo and attended Concordia College in Moorhead.