Duluth extreme skate-hiking clip goes extremely viral [VIDEO]

That air can safely be qualified as "sick."

That air can safely be qualified as "sick." Vimeo; Andrew Kilness

Winter hiking on Minnesota's North Shore becomes dicey when the trails get blasted with ice. No matter if you're the dudes depicted in our state's latest viral video export.

In a clip filmed at Duluth's Lester Park, we see two minutes of extreme, Crashed Ice-style downhill ice skating -- with the added perils of trees and no track grooming. There are jumps, spills, attempted high-fives, and doggies galore. Rock 'n' roll -- the sound of today's youth, as far as we understand it -- soundtracks the high-flying fun. 

Over at video-streaming site Vimeo, the skate-hiking adventure attracted an impressive 38,000-plus views since going live five days ago. But when the clickbait titans at Buzzfeed got their mitts on it, a Facebook share of the video ballooned to more than 17 million views

The top comment, as determined by around 2,000 "likes," comes courtesy of Nick Willemarck.

"Here in Duluth, MN ... we're good at skating, shoveling snow, drinking beer, and holding doors open for people behind us. High-fives, however, are not our strong point."

Right on. But enough talk!

You came to watch bros shred some trail ice, and that's the cool, locally sourced virality we're here to piggyback on.   

Duluth Skate from Andrew Kilness on Vimeo.