Duluth City Council can't cope with disco-loving librarians [VIDEO OF THE DAY]

Librarians will survive, with Gloria Gaynor's help.
Librarians will survive, with Gloria Gaynor's help.

Like a lot of cities, including our own, Duluth is so strapped for cash that it can't afford to keep its library doors open as often as it would like. And yet, librarians there and across the country bravely struggle on, and do so with a song in their hearts.

And there's the problem -- at least in Duluth.

City councilwoman Sharla Gardner had spotted a video clip making the rounds on YouTube in which a group of mysterious salt-of-the-earth librarians sing and dance their way through a hilariously updated version of Gloria Gaynor's classic disco hit, "I Will Survive."

Hey, she thought, why not play it at the meeting? Lighten the mood. Put a smile on peoples' faces while they stare down the maw of fiscal pain.

But nobody was amused. They wouldn't even sit through the whole thing. And then they spiked a motion to ask taxpayers to help better fund the library.

What a bunch of fuddy-duddies. Here's the clip, with a hat tip to BUZZ.duluth. It's awesome.

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