Duluth city clerk to Franken: Pay up or get lost


Al Franken's legal team subpoenaed Duluth city clerk Jeff Cox to testify at the recount trial Thursday. How was Franken going to reimburse him for his travel, meals, and work time lost? A whopping $105.

So how did Cox respond? No freaking way. The city responded and told Franken's team that he wouldn't testify unless he received about $1,151, or $60 per hour plus mileage and meals. Defending your lead in the U.S. Senate race is a pricey endeavor.

Deputy city attorney Alison Lutterman wrote a letter to Franken's attorney, Richard Snyder, stating their position: "[Cox] is entitled to reasonable compensation for the time and expense involved in preparing for and giving such testimony."

View the court document (PDF) here.

More from the Duluth News Tribune:

In testimony Thursday, Lutterman said, "The city runs a leanly staffed organization that is struggling to provide its citizens the services they have a right to expect. It should not be asked to bear the expense of providing its employees for these proceedings because it has no interest in these proceedings and is not a party. The subpoena should be quashed, or in the alternative, Franken should be ordered to pay in advance the estimated costs of Cox's appearance."